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На полке. Даже для видео никто покупать не хочет.
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Table Top Joe
To Love or Be Alone...
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Ему уже давным давно надо было отпустить и выпустить этот проект, где угодно...

Josef Cannon (один из актеров в фильме):
You’ve got a role in Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Frenchy (AKA Full Love); so are we finally going to get to see this movie?

Yes! It’s funny but he was literally about to announce the release when the pandemic hit; he pretty much has it where he likes it because he wrote it and directed it. It’s very much his baby and he’s very meticulous not just as a martial artist but as an artist period. When we see these action heroes we sometimes don’t realize how some of them put a lot of effort into their craft; Jean-Claude is that way as he knew exactly his vision of it and that’s what he was pulling from us, the actors who were responsible in helping to bring his vision to life. I’ve read various posts where people think there is a problem with the film but there isn’t; it’s fantastic and I’m not just saying that because I’m in it.

While we were doing the press junket in Shanghai there was a piece where he was saying that this isn’t the kind of film where you would normally think of Jean-Claude Van Damme as it’s not all about the action. There is a thinking process to it where it’s almost arthouse and he’s forcing his viewers to think beyond people getting their asses kicked. I thought he did a magnificent job; he was very nurturing to all the actors as far as helping us bring the characters of his vision to fruition. So the film will be out soon; I’ve seen it numerous times and I think it’s probably going to be one of his best.

Of all the action guys Jean-Claude was one of the few that tried to act and had the ability to show some genuine emotions. I’m not bad-mouthing Steven Seagal or anybody like that, but Jean-Claude had the ability to either make you fall in love with him or if he is playing a dual character then you’ll hate the bad version of him. He always tries to give that and that’s one of the things I’ve always respected and admired about him. I think something people don’t give him credit for is that he is acting in a second language; they forget he wasn’t raised speaking English. He didn’t start speaking English until he was grown. It’s like me trying to do a movie in Japanese or Spanish or a language I’m not fluent in and they don’t give him credit for that. When he did the movie JCVD it was more acclaimed than all of his other projects I believe because that’s more what he is capable of doing rather than just doing the splits and kicking ass all the time. Sometimes they don’t realize that he is very funny with a ridiculous sense of humour and he’s just very talented.
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