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Этот саундтрек со мной с премьеры фильма, до сих пор слушаю и не надоедает.

А между тем Джеймс Ганн у себя в Фейсбуке опубликовал расширенный список песен, которые дал послушать Крису Прэтту перед съемками, чтобы он запомнил их и впитал по полной.

Невошедшие в официальный саундтрек песни:

Never Been to Spain – Three Dog Night
Magic - Pilot
Livin’ Thing – Electric Light Orchestra
Fox on the Run - The Sweet
Surrender – Cheap Trick

Также Джеймс написал, где именно поначалу использовались отдельные треки:

Some of these songs were in the first cut of the movie - the mean blue guard danced through the prison listening to Magic on Quill's headphones, and Livin Thing featured in a montage in the Milano after the gang left the prison. We shot Quill singing "Never Been to Spain" at the Nova guards in an aggressive manner when he was having his mug shot taken, but the winding-up-the-finger gag worked better, so it never made the cut. The rest were never really in, but I thought this would give you a good idea of the complete Awesome Mix to which young Peter Quill might have lived his life.
Also, in all honesty, Moonage Daydream wasn't on the original tape - I added it in post-production - but I thought I'd leave it on the list to keep things simple.
As you can see, Ain't No Mountain High Enough and I Want You Back are not on this list as they were technically a part of Awesome Mix Volume 2. I didn't want Chris to be familiar with those songs.
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