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  1. sessay
    26.01.2017 15:44
    I love to write different stories, to write essays on informative topics. I like to Express their thoughts on paper, it is anyone not prohibited, and to see what is written in a quiet environment where it is at home on the couch. Recently, I wrote an essay at school on how I spend my free time? And it turned out that I spend it more than interesting than it may actually be. All who wrote their stories on a specified topic or anything to do with my essay not had them all wrong and not as well described.

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    I have a very good mountain bike. I'll say even more that I have not just a mountain, but a good mou
    122 road
    In the winter I bike too ride, weather and snow, I don't really care, as it is not for my brain. I s
    If you believe that you have something positive in life, something that will happen in the future to


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