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Диалог между !!!!!atopfilmeoy18 и catalogue
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  1. catalogue
    03.09.2018 14:04
    Mekong Delta tour My Tho-Ben Tre 1 day
    Normal Group Tour
    My Tho is 86km away from Ho Chi Minh City and one of the attractive destinations not to be missed. The major economy of My Tho is from agriculture. Coconut trees occupy most of its land, thus it dominates the My Tho’s scenery.
    There will be activities such as taking a boat ride on Tien River, overlooking the floating houses along the river, sitting on a horse-cart and taking part in learning how to make the coconut candies as well as participating in rowing a small boat in a canal….
    Joining Group: 420.000 VND (18.3 USD)/Person

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