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Диалог между Sheldonkuper и hunt31
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  1. hunt31
    18.07.2012 00:25
    Вот отсюда http://forums.superherohype.com/show...388701&page=19 описание фингала
    "The cafe thing is a way for us to see what Bruce's life is like. Alfred is a plot device for this scene. He sees what bruce's life is like, and we are next to him as an audience, seeing the same thing. It can't just be bruce as loner in Gotham to bruce as a loner in France. That's no change or progression. Selina is there to show us that the two of them are together now. That bruce finally has a normal life and does normal things like hanging out at a cafe with his girlfriend. The only person bruce has from his past life to his current life is Selina. That's it. That sloen speaks volumes."

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